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Bringing Peace talks to México

Our dear youth leader Michelle Macías has been working towards mental health, gender equality and peace culture education apoyada por la organizacion Little friends for Peace o como su acronimo dice LFFP cuya mision es To counter violence and contribute to a worldwide culture of peace by sharing skills to prevent, resolve, and transform conflict with individuals, families, teams, and communities.

Bringing peace talks to Mexico and especially to one of its most conflictive areas; Celaya, Guanajuato. To work on the holistic development of young people and create an international change based on the culture of peace and human rights.

We Highly appreciate every single effort of all of our members that have worked exhaustively in mitigating the effects and indirect consequences of the COVID- 19 helping and giving a voice to the most vulnerable groups in our societies.

With this article, it is proven that we can all make the change we want to see, that we are all leaders in our communities, and that all actions regardless of scale have a great impact on our global society. These actions being taken by young leaders around the world have brought a new perspective to this chaotic event; hope and communion. By seeing the impact of each of these actions we hope that they will inspire compassion and a sense of community to continue to support the projects that are helping at the local level and make every voice heard.

We wish the best for each one of our members, that they continue being successful in their different missions, offering us to be the platform to potentiate and make visible their projects on an international scale will continue to monitor and follow up on the actions implemented by our task force

We recommend seizing this crisis as an opportunity to recognize the  COVID-19 crisis as one that has affected holistically to our Global Society, please to keep on supporting the ongoing tireless efforts of our task forces around the globe, take a look at the different funding ways we have

Contributions from: Hizbullah from Afghanistán, Patricia from Spain, Mr. Jean-Luc from Congo, Abdul Waheed from Pakistán, Javita Indra from Pakistán, Fattoumata, Patrick Mbaya


Article By:
Carlo Schaaij (Sky)
Chief Technology Officer

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