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Bringing Smiles in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, as in many other countries, the COVID-19 is not only a health crisis but also an economic and social challenge of a dramatic extent. During this COVID-19 hard time, our delegate and youth leader Hizbullah Baryal started an initiative “Bring a Smile Campaign” through this campaign he was able to do fundraising and scale it into reaching 23 families in extreme need, by providing them with food packages for more than a month.


The volunteer group of our youth delegate assured that small financial support can bring a smile on the faces of very needed people in our society.

The local efforts in Afghanistan scaled into global level through social media, “We got contacted by afghans in the North America community to find them the most 100 vulnerable families, including widows, and orphans, we found them by conducting surveys in local communities and we distributed food packages successfully” our distinct delegate Hizbullah stated. Other important activities carried out by our team were the visit and support to the Afghan-Japan Governmental Hospital in Kabul, with the purpose of inspiring, motivating, and supporting the health personnel; doctors and nurses who are fighting in the front lines.


As well as appreciating their work by giving them certificates. Another of the important tasks carried out by this wonderful team was the human approach to the different patients to reassure them they will recover soon from the virus, showing support, companionship, and help through the distribution vitamin c, seasonal fresh fruit juice along with hot soup to 300 people including doctors, nurses, patients, and waiters at the hospital.  “Well the moral of all this is to continue volunteering and cheering into activities to educate communities, groups, and individuals, and take preventive measures against COVID-19” (Baryal, H, 2020).


Article By:
Carlo Schaaij (Sky)
Chief Technology Officer

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