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Covid-19 ending Gender-Based Violence

Every person in the world is facing challenges due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the “pandemic within the pandemic” the Shadow Pandemic. This is really important to bring up as domestic violence has increased along with other violations of human rights as a hidden consequence of the COVID-19 beyond the health crisis. This will also impact advances in inclusion, equality, and opportunities for women and non -gender conforming.

As UNANIMA International stated; “The threat of the virus is not purely physical; it is also mental, emotional, spiritual, work-related and people-related, and therefore must be evaluated holistically” (UNANIMA International, 2020). Leaders of Man Up Campaign Task Force on COVID-19 focus is to prevent more suffering and allow recovery of the most vulnerable in the crisis women, children/girls, LGBTQIA, and other vulnerable groups to ensure no one is left behind.


For over 10 years our mission at Man Up Campaign has been centered around ending Gender-Based Violence and bringing Gender Equality in a grass-root level to all societies. Creating a better future for women, children/girls, LGBTQIA through different opportunities, and ways to address healthy masculinity and femininities along with gender equality and peace culture education. Functioning as a link to help people in their champions journey that is at the center of ours.

In the midst of COVID-19, it’s important to note the multidimensionality of this pandemic crisis as a global issue that has brought visibility to how vulnerable groups especially those composed by women, children/girls, LGBTQIA, are the most affected at times of crisis. And how crucial it is to unite efforts to protect our most vulnerable groups, guarantee their voices are heard as well as seizing the opportunity to

Our Man Up Campaign Youth Task Force has taken on the responsibility of bringing major relief initiatives and awareness campaigns to the different communities around the world, so we are proud to recognize the efforts and hard work of our colleagues to holistically tackle COVID-19 by taking steps to minimize the dangers that women, children/girls, and LGBTQIA face, address their needs, and helping to cope with the indirect adversities. Let’s keep on supporting our justice leaders


Article By:
Carlo Schaaij (Sky)
Chief Technology Officer

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