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ManUp Actress in Spain joins Solidarity Projects

Our dear colleague Patricia Morueco exemplary model of Man Up Campaign and GSMART (Gender Sports, Music, Arts, Reflection and technology) program in Spain: She shares with us how she has taken advantage of the quarantine to participate and join solidarity projects such as reading to the elderly, focusing her attention on the holistic healing of this group so vulnerable to the pandemic.


This is something that as an Organization we applaud, thanks to helping to keep the world calm. Another thing that the talented actress mentions is that she has tried to stay strong for her loved ones.

We think it is important to explore the individual actions that can be taken to cope with and be resistant to this crisis, as well as how important it is to show empathy and help each other. She also took this opportunity to co-direct two short films that won awards with the aim of inviting reflection on human contradictions and to write two other short films with social themes. On the other hand, she collaborated on a platform to bring together artists from around the world on an international level and to bring education to the various interviews that took place.

And last but not least, she has made financial contributions for health material.

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