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Pakistan Tackles Mental Health and Basic Needs

In Pakistan we have 2 support groups; “Quarantine Connections”, focused on creating a community space to promote the mental health of young people during the lockdown and navigate the trauma of losing family members to the virus, led and co-created by our delegate Javita Indra and friends giving a more holistic approach to this health crisis.


On the other hand the team of our delegate Abdul Waheed who in collaboration with “COPE NGO” was dedicated to the donation and distribution of food reaching 400 families, and another 100 more selected to receive vegetables (Sehri and Aftari) during Ramadan Kareem. He co-created an initiative awareness campaign which helped educate towards the COVID19 pandemic, and take on the sanitary measures like disinfecting the different areas of Karachi; from Mosques and schools to the streets of the city. We highly appreciate the efforts and results achieved by both of our delegates and their teams during this Pandemic that had brought so much comfort, hope, and prosperity to the different communities in Pakistan.

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