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Women Role Models Lead in the Gambia

“When the WHO declared the COVID-19 as a pandemic,  young people in The Gambia took the initiative to raise awareness on the pandemic and the safety precautions locally” our Gambian delegate Fattoumata Bah stated.

Since February, Fatoumatta and her team started a Donation, Sanitization and Education Campaign where they managed to raise funds, purchase health and food supplies and distribute them to 200 families in The Gambia, created educational posters to spread awareness and critical information on the COVID19 and the health measures, donated & collaborated with the Red Cross, Police Stations, local markets as well as with the Bundung Maternal Health Hospital and support the health personnel in the frontline.

Proving to be a community leader and women role model by creating vital collaborations for her country to thrive, as well as creating a great positive impact in different sectors she helped.

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