Motivating Women and Girls in Liberia

In Liberia we are bravely represented by Mercy, who, besides being an essential part of the Man Up Campaign´s team to end gender violence, is also a STEM master in the area of cyber-security and has a powerful Organization; TIDES in charge of empowering women and girls through technology.

Involving women and girls through IT training, entrepreneurship, online education, fashion, STEM programs, and gender equality.

Being responsible for creating employment opportunities, and providing access to education for many girls and women in Liberia, addressing the Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5, 8, 10 to begin with, empowering change at the grassroots level in Liberian society to reduce gender inequalities and violence.

Especially in this time of radical change where access to online education and resources are vital for societies to keep on advancing towards a better future as well as new job opportunities to not just reactivate economy but help people to full-fill their different life’s dreams. TIDES has taken action by giving free extra classes and online courses, and of course by keeping motivating women and girls into seizing the access to these opportunities.

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