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Man Up Campaign and Foutain ISOKO are conducting on a voluntary basis a survey of 1325 localization and implementation in 3 countries Burundi, DRC and Rwanda. Local NGOs are volunteering recourses for the first pass of these surveys. The report intended to be present and then scaled toward the 20th anniversary of UNSCR 1325 in October 2020.


UNSCR 1325

The Security Council adopted the resolution (S/RES/1325) on women and peace and security on 31 October 2000. The resolution reaffirms the important role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts, peace negotiations, peace-building, peacekeeping, humanitarian response and in post-conflict reconstruction and stresses the importance of their equal participation and full involvement in all efforts for the maintenance and promotion of peace and security. Resolution 1325 urges all actors to increase the participation of women and incorporate gender perspectives in all United Nations peace and security efforts. It also calls on all parties to the conflict to take special measures to protect women and girls from gender-based violence, particularly rape and other forms of sexual abuse, in situations of armed conflict. The resolution provides a number of important operational mandates, with implications for the Member States and the entities of the United Nations system.

UN Women Champions Of Change Stand Up

Metropolitan New York Chapter of the US National Committee for UN Women to celebrate our 30th Anniversary with a grand reception to honor Champions Of Change to Stand Up for Women Worldwide. UN Women is the United Nations entity dedicated to advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women. The Metropolitan New York Chapter is the oldest and largest of 16 chapters of the US National Committee, designated to fundraise for UN Women program in 100 countries.

Kicking off the 30 Champions Of Change to Kick-off this International Campaign, Man Up Campaign Executive Director Fred Sullivan selected as 1 of the first 30 Champions of Gender Equality in this campaign.  He determines to continue of work on the engaging youth of all gender in creating equality, inclusion, and opportunity as the foundation to end gender-based violence. Man Up Campaign plans for a new set of regional summits beginning in 2018 South Asia to focus on challenging the SDGs through the SDG5 gender lens in their countries and communities. Work past work in the legal foundations in the area on International Criminal Court ICC and current on CEDAW cities including a current campaign to create a gender equality law for the City of New York. 

These leaders are leading the charge in a movement to activate a movement in every country for a social change. Help to continue making progress on UN Women’s key priorities- ending violence, economic and political empowerment, advancing peace, security and humanitarian response, and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through as a lens and foundation SDG5 Gender Equality.  

The Changing Role of Masculinity: Panel by Plan International NY

What Does It Mean To Be A Man In Today’s World? Whether it’s a “boys will be boys” attitude, the boys club in the workplace, or millions of women saying #MeToo and #TimesUp, what it means to “be a man” is being examined more than ever before.

The NYC Leadership Council at Plan International USA is pleased to present a powerful program to further the dialogue. Moderator Cheryl Benton Plan International Chair NY facilitated a stimulating conversation, including an examination of how media and advertisers can play a powerful role in changing the culture of masculinity. We will also discuss how men can take actions large and small to create meaningful change for themselves, their loved ones, and their peers, and set the right example for the next generation of men. The event will support the Plan’s Champions of Change project in El Salvador, which reshapes boys’ and girls’ views on gender roles, to achieve the outcome of reducing violence across communities.

Panelists and Topics The Panel Left to Right: John Patroulis, Jackson Roberts, Cheryl Benton, Craig Geddes, Fred Sullivan

Moderator Cheryl Benton Plan International Chair NY Leadership Council is the founder and publisher of The Three Tomatoes, a lifestyle digital publication for adult women. A passionate advocate for advancing the rights of women and girls, she is a founding member and Chair of the New York City Leadership Council for Plan International USA’s “Because I am a Girl” initiative. John Patroulis, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at Grey Advertising Global, reveal’s the process behind the ad campaign “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be,” which his firm designed for the Gillette brand, owned by Plan partner Procter & Gamble.

Fred Sullivan, a co-founder of “The Man Up Campaign,”relates his experience engaging youth with the -G-SMART Engagement Framework in a global movement to end gender-based violence and advance gender equality. Also, the “Are You Man Enough” Man of the Village gender norms marketing campaign.

Craig Geddes, Senior Technical Advisor for Education and Child Protection at Plan International USA, shares how Plan programs help boys and men examine and change sexist behaviors in their families and communities to support girls and champion their rights. Jackson Roberts, who is a member of Plan’s Youth Advisory Board, Jackson, and a recent graduate from Washington and Lee College will inform us about on campus attitudes on gender. He also spoke about a survey that Plan did last spring on what teens in the U.S. think about gender equality.      

Man Up Campaign Youth Leaders at the UN CSW 63 share their projects and dialogue on accomplishing the SDGs

Man Up Campaign continues to engage youth and represent their interests gender-equality and ending gender-based violence at the in the 63rd Annual Conference on the Status of Women at the United Nations HQ in New York City. Man Up Campaign representatives participated in key panels on sponsors on a panel on the importance of Integration of Mental Health, Preventing Sexual Harassment, and carried on dialogues how to accomplish the 2030 SDGs.

They extended and deepened ties from youth from around the world sharing their projects and the Man Up Campaign G-SMART engagement framework. Geraldine Byrne Nason, Permanent Representative of Ireland and currently chairing the CSW, in her introductory remarks to the CSW, calls on all governments to not only read them but to bring them into policy discussions and negotiations.

Youth Leaders urged political leaders and senior UN officials to make firm commitments that safeguard and improve access to social protection, public services and sustainable infrastructure for women and girls, including young women and girls, worldwide. Equally important, they said, was to engage young people in shaping the solutions that affect their lives. Read More about the Youth Dialogue

G-SMART Gender Equality Education in NYC Area Schools

Man Up Campaign will be coming to more schools next year through its engagement framework youth with G-SMART (Gender-Sports, Music, Art, Reflection, Technology) with experiential and lessons in each of this area to identify their strengths and passions through the gender lens. They are invited to begin their champions journey for gender: equality, inclusion, and opportunity. These are the foundations for preventing gender-based violence. We will with partners in G-SMART with open-ended lessons in areas coordinate with teacher and train partners and adapt the curriculum to engage the middle and high school students. The program is structured to be further explored through project-based learning and create value in their communities in the Real Challenge by challenging the Sustainable Development Goal that their communities most need through the gender lens.

2020 Africa Regional Youth Leader Summit For Gender Equality

Man Up Campaign, on the 10th Anniversary of its founding Summit, will be hosted by the Government of Uganda and organized by Education Forum Africa in partnership with Youth Alive Uganda. Youth Alive Uganda Program Director James Byarugaba is one of over 100 Man Up Campaign delegates from 24 countries to the first Summit. Since that first Summit in 2010, James has applied the gender lens to all Youth Alive Uganda Programs impacting around 75,000 youth per year. As James has modeled in Uganda the next wave will begin their journey on the Summit Theme: Taking the lead in promoting gender equality for sustainable development. The youth leaders were able to gain inspiration, insight, and connections to resources allowing them to help facilitate projects of their design in their community to promote gender equality.

How can you get involved? You can fill out our AFRICAN REGIONAL YOUNG LEADERS SUMMIT ON GENDER

"Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty,
promoting sustainable development, and building good governance"
Kofi Annan – former United Nations Secretary-General.

The Summit in Fall 2020 will be 4-days long program of dialogue, workshops, institutional visits and capacity building sessions bringing youth between the age of 18-35 years, from social-political movements, business start-ups, social enterprises, civil society, international organizations, and public institutions. Aimed at engaging youth in tackling 17 Sustainable Development Goals according to their communities’ needs through the gender lens SDG 5, discuss challenges they face and devise ways forward to address them. The Man Up Campaign G-SMART engagement framework and narratives can help intimate, engage, and organize activities in holistic models for each, community and country. When the participants go back to their respective communities with insights, they will be able to activate higher engagement of the whole youth population both young men and women to innovate and scale all sectors of their country’s social, economic and cultural capacity.

Covid 19 Ending Gender-Based Violence: Youth Taking Action Man Up Campaign

 Man Up Campaign Youth leaders are prioritizing supporting initiatives that affect the most vulnerable in society.

Every person in the world is facing challenges due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the “pandemic within the pandemic” the Shadow Pandemic. This is really important to bring up as domestic violence has increased along with other violations of human rights as a hidden consequence of the COVID-19 beyond the health crisis. This will also impact advances in inclusion, equality, and opportunities for women and non -gender conforming. 

As UNANIMA International stated; “The threat of the virus is not purely physical; it is also mental, emotional, spiritual, work-related and people-related, and therefore must be evaluated holistically” (UNANIMA International, 2020). Leaders of Man Up Campaign Task Force on COVID-19 focus is to prevent more suffering and allow recovery of the most vulnerable in the crisis women, children/girls, LGBTQIA, and other vulnerable groups to ensure no one is left behind.

For over 10 years our mission at Man Up Campaign has been centered around ending Gender-Based Violence and bringing Gender Equality in a grass-root level to all societies. Creating a better future for women, children/girls, LGBTQIA through different opportunities, and ways to address healthy masculinity and femininities along with gender equality and peace culture education. Functioning as a link to help people in their champions journey that is at the center of ours [champions journey]. 

In the midst of COVID-19, it’s important to note the multidimensionality of this pandemic crisis as a global issue that has brought visibility to how vulnerable groups especially those composed by women, children/girls, LGBTQIA, are the most affected at times of crisis. And how crucial it is to unite efforts to protect our most vulnerable groups, guarantee their voices are heard as well as seizing the opportunity to fight the root causes of gender-based violence, address in a holistic way the social ills of the pandemic and from that to rebuild our social fabric. 

Our Man Up Campaign Youth Task Force has taken on the responsibility of bringing major relief initiatives and awareness campaigns to the different communities around the world, so we are proud to recognize the efforts and hard work of our colleagues to holistically tackle COVID-19 by taking steps to minimize the dangers that women, children/girls, and LGBTQIA face, address their needs, and helping to cope with the indirect adversities. Let’s keep on supporting our justice leaders 

Our task force members are from every region in the world:

Youth Leaders

Michelle Macías Mexico

Hizbullah Baryal Afghanistan

Jean-Luc Zih DRC

James Byarugaba Uganda

Patrick Mbaya United States DRC

Abdul Waheed Pakistan

Fattoumata Bah Gambia 

Valentin Camano Mx-US

Ebrima Dem The Gambia

Upasana Chauhan India

Patricia Morueco Spain

Javita Indra Guayana

Bonsu Serwaa Gifty Ghana

Carlo Schaaij The Netherlands

Merci Sati Liberia 

Man Up Juniors

Jamie Gall United States


Fred Sullivan United States

G. Carter Davis United States

Patricia Morueco Dominguez Spain

Man Up Campaign Leaders are focused on “The most vulnerable ones in our society”. The leaders’ projects fit into the larger strategy of the “The Real Challenge” taking on the SDGs using the youth and gender lens.

SDG  3: Distributing medical supplies to tackle the infection or symptoms of the virus and food to allow people to quarantine and deal with the economic loss. Hizbullah, Abdul, Fattoumata,

SDG 4: Providing resources to disadvantaged children to support the continuation of education during school closures.

SDG 5: Protecting victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence during a lockdown LGBTQ

SDG 6: Providing sanitation resources to help prevent the spread of the virus.

SDG 8: Creating work for unemployed persons in vital sectors  ( Merci James, ) TIDES Libera IT Training

International Partners

Peace Circles

2030 Creators

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