Fred Sullivan

Fred Sullivan is one of the founders of Man Up Campaign. He became the Executive Director in 2015. A 30 year member of SGI-USA. NYC4CEDAW, and on the board of AISP. He consults on social and entrepreneurial ventures with Venture Acceleration. As an active mentor of youth locally and around and parent of a daughter, he is always learning and growing himself and feels that is a critical insight to bring into developing strategy, and policy for the Man Up Campaign. He believes that engaging youth leadership in gender-equality a developing healthy masculinities and femininities as a basis for ending gender-based violence will be the most important factor in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals which most of the nation of the world are striving to realize by 2030. Man Up Campaign's network of youth leaders and organizations are working internationally to develop communities and cultures of peace. He is personally engaged in his own lifelong mission using Gender SMART (Sports, Music, Art, Reflection, and Technology) as a life-long champions journey to create equality, inclusiveness, and opportunity.

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