Fred Sullivan

Executive Director

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 Artist, Activist, and Entrepreneur, Fred co-founded Man Up Campaign in 2009.  He served as Director of Technology, and now as Executive Director since 2015.

As Executive Director, he vows to continue to activate and encourage the global youth of all gender to end gender-based violence by encouraging the movement for equality, inclusiveness, and opportunity. He believes a change in the outcomes for women & girls globally will change the world for the better as no other cause that one can make. In his personal life and most important role father of daughter and husband and a youth leader and advocate for over 26 years in the areas of social justice and non-violence, he views this vow as a personal and daily responsibility. Fred has worked with NGO’s on initiatives for peace, youth leadership, and non-violence issues. He had the fortune to information architect and develop the website for The Coalition for the International Criminal Court.  Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan attributed the website as one of the key factors that facilitated the International Criminal Court Treaty after 100 years of effort. Fred has also worked with other NGOs, including the Hague Appeal for Peace, the People’s Millennium Assembly at the UN and, recently, the preparation conferences on Rio +20. 

Fred founded a number of ventures including LiQ, a technology company, eventually sold to a publicly traded company. His agency NetReaction created Pihana Pacific's web portal, online marketing, and brand strategy, which helped realize Pihana's successful merger as equals with Equinix and i-STT. Besides development and management consulting with technology start-ups, he has done projects for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies such as Hugo Boss, Trammell Crow, Sumitomo Corporation, Sony and NTT DOCOMO and many other commercial and social ventures.

Fred’s talents in business and technology are balanced with an extensive background in sports and arts. He was a pioneer participant in soccer as a teen in Des Moines, Ia, as well in football, wrestling, and track. He has danced for over two decades, studying and performing modern and classical dance with mentors such as Maggie Black and Merce Cunningham. You may still find him choreographing, performing on stage, dancing the Argentine tango or teaching a class.

He has a real passion for and trust in the potential of youth leaders to solve the challenges of today and the future.

Renee Waage

Chief Administrative Officer 

Renee bioAn advocate for human rights with a focus on women and children.  At the Anti-Defamation League, her work centered around fighting extremism and hate, the protection of religious freedom, and the defense of civil rights.  Waage has worked closely with foster care and school systems to help ensure that every child is surrounded by positive influences and afforded the opportunity to excel and be empowered to live out their full potential.  She also works with international aid societies that enhance the education and care of orphans and children living in poverty in developing countries throughout Africa and South America.

Renee brings her passion for social impact, along with expertise in executive leadership, to the Man Up Campaign.

Karla Bonne

Chief Development Officer

karla bonne sm 250 sqKarla is passionate about creating a better world and has dedicated her professional and personal life to mission-driven causes and helping others thrive. She believes this is possible through education and advocacy and is committed to promoting civil rights and gender equality, taking a stand against anti-Semitism, racism, hate, and extremism, and advancing anti-bias education and inclusion. Hope in the future is believing that everyone has the ability to learn and change. Karla is an expert in operational strategy and execution; a leader with extensive experience in the social impact arena across non-profit organizations, universities, and the government.

Jeanette Bocobo Marco

Director of Events & Special Programs

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Jeanette is currently the President of the Basilia Women's Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization that supports Victims of Domestic Violence, the Executive Director of MarcoArt NYC and Marco Not Polo. Apart from the position she holds, She is one of the Global Advisers of Project Pearls, A Non-Profit Foundation that  helps the poorest of the poor children to have a better life by giving them PEARLS: Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love and Smiles through education, empowerment, nutrition, nourishment, and healthcare. Jeanette is the Co-Producer of a Lifestyle Reality Show “Get Reel TV”.

An Event Producer and organizer with 17 years of masterful experience in publication, travel and hospitality industry both here in New York, UAE, Japan and in Australia.

Jeanette as most of her friends call her in New York, is a graduate of Mass Communications from the University of the Philippines, acquired her Master's Degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Liverpool. She’s a marketing strategist who’s passion for writing drove her to pursue a career in journalism. Being well traveled, she combines this passion with a vision to discover the world and sharing her experiences with a wider audience.

“Hard work is a given, a relentless desire to succeed, an open mind, and my refusal to let my dreams fall by the wayside, sell myself short or settle for less.” Jeanette Bocobo Marco” 

Upasana Chauhan


upasanachauhanInternational Advisor with Praveen Latha Sansthan - NGO for Girls Education and Women Empowerment in India. Advisory Committee Board Member of WETEC-Kenya and Evolution 360 - Bangladesh. Coalition Committee Member of Policy Drafting and Public Relations with NYC4CEDAW where she is working to get the Women's Rights of Bill passed for Newyork City. She is a STEM Girl who has worked with Multinational and Fortune 500 Companies for more than nine years. She was invited at Columbia University to speak and encourage young girls to take STEM fields. She is also a member of the UNIANYD - United Nations Inter-Agency Network Youth Development Group. Also a Senior Mentor with Global Leadership - Mexico.

She loves to write, and blog and her articles have been published in online magazines like National Geographic, Huff Post, and TIME Magazine to encourage girls and women to follow their Dreams and be their own Superwoman. 

Valentin Camano

UN Youth Representative, Overseas Delegation Outreach

valentincamanoAs a youth advocate feminist, Indigenous rights, LGBT supporter and immigrant advocate: a part-time volunteer for the New Sanctuary Coalition in NYC. An activist supporter with ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), a member of the Jackson Heights Solidarity Network. A senior Intern for Communications, Social Media, and PR for the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation. As a Youth Advocate, I am a polyglot a multi-linguistics major. I study to listen and speak with many people in different cultures and promote dialogue with what we youth face today and what change can we bring within our communities by creating change and peace talks with our local reps to find a solution to the problems we face in today’s modern society.

Currently, in school Brooklyn College studying International Affairs and Anthropology – Global policy studies through the Baccalaureate Program (CUNY).

Patrick Mbaya


Patrick was born in the town of Lubumbashi in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He studied law at the University of Lubumbashi Faculty of Law and obtained a Licence en Droit (Bachelor’s degree) in economics and social law. After graduation, he worked as an attorney at Mbombo and Associates, a law firm based in Lubumbashi. He practiced different types of law and advocated for women who were survivors of sexual assault in the eastern part of the Congo. He collaborated with various NGOs, and an advocated for women who sexually abused by the Congolese army, rebels, and civilians.

In the U.S., Patrick obtained a masters degree (LL.M) at Fordham University School of Law in International Law and Justice in 2014, where he studied different types of law, such as human rights, immigration, and international law. He has worked and volunteered at Sojourner/ First Friends, a non-profit organization that helps immigrants detained in the detention center. He also interned at Guerrero Yee, LLP, an immigration law firm, acted as a mediator at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and worked at Musafir and Associates immigration and a business law firm. While working at these firms, he represented people in different types of immigration matters, such as Cancellation of Removal, immediate relatives, work visas, and adjustment of status, among others. 

Additionally, he was employed at the interpretation and translation companies Geneva World Wide and Legal Language Institute. He is also a volunteer at African Services Committee, where he works as legal fellow and advocate for women who have been sexually abused, infected with HIV or AIDS and have been forced by their communities to have an excision or gender mutilation (FGM) and have come to the U.S. for asylum. He is also a member of the United Nations Working Group on Youth and Gender Equality. The 1st & 2nd Youth Forum of Conference on the Status of Women 61 and 62 he was on the drafting committee drafting the youth submission to the Final Conclusions document.

Michelle Ivonne Macías De Pozo

UN Youth Representative Latin America & The Caribbean, Summits Coordinator.

 michelle macias 250

International relations specialist by profession and sustainable development activist by heart. Youth advocate for human rights, youth empowerment and gender equality. A community leader that has dedicated her life to be an agent of change in the co-creation of a better world through her participation and collaboration with several NGO´s since local to international level where she has developed many projects that have been of a great impact in her community and worldwide. She has made her life mission to build meaningful relations and meaningful projects to bring them together and make a major positive impact. 
Expert in mobilizing and coordinating strategic partnerships to achieve the SDG´s (Sustainable Development Goals) by 2030, between Governments, Commercial Chambers, Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Civil Society representatives and Associations. Partnership developing and promotion of peace education through school programs STEM and UNM with UNESCO Center for Peace as a Special Project Manager. Worked in the co-creation of the Common Minimum Standards on gender equality. Developed a standardization of the SDG´s, the Common Minimum Standards and Human Rights in the ISO 9001:2015 to foster the commitment of the private sector in Mexico and Latin America on the global goals. Internal auditor, Data analyst, Corporate Social Responsibility Program Designer, Project assistant on Social Impact Measurement of social strategies.



Ume Habiba


ume habiba bio crop 250She is a social activist, global youth Ambassador, and a change maker. Her primary goal is gender equality. In most of her work, she focuses on women's education and awareness about women emancipation and women rights. She identifies the central cause of the most of the problems faced by women as the patriarchal mindset of societies. Even though approval of many women protection bills and rights, Women are not aware of their rights and they continue to be silent victims of crime like domestic violence. It’s Important to change mindset to bring women's equality in all societies. Some of her accomplishments are she was the youngest project coordinator in AURAT foundation for Women education and rights in Punjab division. She has also made a documentary on the issue of gender equality and women's education in highly gender disparity areas in Pakistan

Richard Castillo

UN Director of Youth Partnerships, UN Representative of Youth Advocacy

richardcastilloRichard Castillo is an admired young male feminist. He is a member of the United Nations Inter-Agency Workgroup on Youth and Gender. In the Workgroup, he is also the co-chair of Partnerships with Young Men in Gender Equality. He leads many of Man Up Campaign social media campaigns and is recognized digital advocate at professionally and in the UN & it's NGO community. He often represents MUC at all UN-related speaking engagements pertaining to youth forums at the United Nations and civil society panels. One of his responsibilities as MUC's HQ UN Partnerships Director is fostering sustainable relationships with local/state government agencies, corporate, civil society organizations, as well as UN entities. Another of his duties is the execution and development of all MUC digital and country program campaigns.

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