Valentin Camano

UN Youth Representative, Overseas Delegation Outreach

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As a youth advocate feminist, Indigenous rights, LGBT supporter and immigrant advocate: a part-time Director of Protocols and Diplomacy for the Federacion por los Lideres por las Naciones in Mexico, and Consultant-Secretary for angency and international projects for Juventudes por Mexco in Puebla, Mexico. A senior Intern for Communications, Social Media, and PR for the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation. As a Youth Advocate, I am a polyglot a multi-linguistics major. I study to listen and speak with many people in different cultures and promote dialogue with what we youth face today and what change can we bring within our communities by creating change and peace talks with our local reps to find a solution to the problems we face in today’s modern society.

Currently, a student in Lehman College studying International Affairs and Anthropology – Global policy studies through the Baccalaureate Program (CUNY).

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