UN CSW 62: Engaging Youth Networks

The Real Challenge of SDGs Using The Youth & Gender Lens

Building the movement of youth leaders to form actionable plans and projects for their respective countries and communities anchored in SDG 5 to accomplish all 17 SDG goals.

This event is a call to action for Youth to launch a series of regional summits. These youth-initiated national and community dialogues will focus work and formulate policies, plans, and projects at the national level to support community action and work on the SDG. We hope all nations will then be able to report positive results at the annual United Nations High-Level Political Forums on Sustainable Development Goals. Man Up Campaign will share their narrative and tools to support this movement.

Engage youth leaders in the development of locally-envisioned models of change that genuinely address SDGs through the youth and gender lens by solving the “Real Challenge” present in their nations and communities.

Mobilize youth and their intergenerational supporters within the community, bringing individuals together through shared interests and passion for achieving the SDGs that are most important in their community. We will demonstrate how “Gender-SMART” Man Up Campaign engagement framework will support youth leaders and partner organizations.

Achieve SDG goals by actualizing on one’s personal narrative the “Champions Journey” to facilitating inclusion, equality, and opportunity in efforts to leave no one behind.

Nurture the development of healthy masculinities, transforming communities to value inclusion, gender equality, opportunity and End Gender-Based Violence and create a culture of peace.

Featured Speakers & Partners

Aleeza Ali

American Pakistan Foundation Deaf Reach (FESF)

Caitlin Figueiredo

Jasiri Australia

Frank, M-Guru Ortega

Kinding Sindaw

Hajar, Dr. Abulfazi

Sport for Health & Equality Advocate

Hope Traficanti


James Byarugaba

Man Up Campaign

Jeanette Bocobo Marco

Basilia Womens Foundation, Inc.

Ivy Gabbert

Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Office for UN Affairs

Lama Ranjous

UN Major Group for Children & Youth

Maddison O'Grady-Lee

Jasiri Australia

Lucky Grill

Global Girl Power

Mary Kate Costello

The Hunger Project

Peter Marco


Ruchi Yadav

The Hunger Project

Solomy Awiidi

Men Engage Alliance

Stevenson Van Derodar

Junior Chamber International

Fred Sullivan

Man Up Campaign

Swetha Stotra Bhashyam

UN Major Group for Children & Youth

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