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Over 100 Young Leaders waving a Red Card at the founding summit at the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg, ZA
Young Leaders giving a Red Card to gender-based violence at Man Up Campaign founding summit at the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg, ZA

How does the Man Up Campaign address the causes of gender-based violence?

Man Up Campaign is a movement to end gender-based violence by activating adolescents and youth to design grassroots projects in their communities and nations to address gender-based violence. The projects not only address the causes of gender-based violence of lack of equality, inclusion, and opportunity for women and non-gender conforming in their community but also facilitate the cultivation of healthy masculinities and complimentary femininities and in aggregate cultural norms that reduce and end gender-based violence Man Up Campaign. 

Our Tools & Programs:

  • Youth & Gender Leadership Summits - Since our Inaugural Man Up Campaign Summit at the World Cup 2010 Man Up Campaign we have been activating and inspiring youth leaders and supporting them and encouraging them in their further education on gender and innovating tools to engage their concern and passion. They gather to launch their grassroots projects they take the next step in their community by building equity, inclusion, and opportunity as the foundation to address the causes of gender-based violence which and lay a foundation to end gender-based. We are proud of their impact reaching hundreds of thousands through their projects to end gender-based violence. We look forward to partnering with you to create regional and national summits.
  • GSMART Methodology - Gender, Sports, Music, Arts, Reflection, Technology as an engagement framework and lifelong journey starting with the passions of the youth and unlocking their voice and value creation through the application to the challenge of ending gender-based violence and living a fulfilling and valuable life.
  • Champions Journey Program - One's narrative journey as a protagonist in life developing healthy masculinities and femininities within positive gender norms and advancing in unlocking their path to creating value for oneself and community.
  • Real Challenge Program - A leadership-developed manual on how to take on gender-based violence through designing and implementing a project with a team composed of both youth of mixed gender focusing Sustainable Development Goals especially goal five gender equality through youth and gender lens and personal development through one's Champions Journey.
  • Are You Man Enough? Program - A countrywide or regional Gender Norms change campaign
  • Our Network international youth leaders a network of Coaches intergenerational staff, volunteer, professional gender activists, researchers, authors, artists, sports figures, and activists. Support MUC chapters within the existing organization and stand-alone carrying out projects and offer peer support as Good Freinds.
  • International Partnership with key NGO
  • United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC  UN  Special Consultative Status We have active headquarters delegation and our overseas advocates are encouraged to speak, help write and submit findings and attend events such as UN Women's CSW, The ECOSOC Youth Forum, and General Assembly Side Events. We collaborate with many national representatives and NGO's on side events.
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030: Man Up Campaign actively participated in meetings on creating the SDGs since Rio+20 and since their creation participated in the UNGA, HLPF in collaboration with the Major Groups: The Major Group of NGOs, Major Group on Youth & Adolescents, Major Group on Women, to bringing the youth and gender lens to bear the implementation and review of the goals.
  • UNWomen Conference On Status Of Women CSW Youth Forum: We have actively supported meetings and task forces both as an organization and individuals bringing more coordination at the UN and beginning the CSW 60 & 61Youth Forums, which have become an annual part of CSW. This year we actively supported the CSW 62 Youth Dialogue. Find out more about Man Up Campaign programs and partners on the CSW62 side event Engaging Youth Networks page. We also actively support the NGO CSW meetings and activities.
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